Joining the Team & First Steps Toward Success

Interested in joining a team or becoming a leader yourself? Great!

The first step, is, of course, to ensure you’re signed up for Young Living, doing so as a wholesale distributor.

All of our participating Team Leaders receive signups from visitors on the site, via a link generator. This ensures everyone benefits equally from their role and participation as a vital part of Cypress & Spruce.

If you’d like to sign up under a particular leader or were referred here by one of our leaders, just click their profile on the Team Leaders page and follow the link on their bio to register for Young Living as a member of their team!

If you’re unsure or have questions, you can always post questions to our Facebook group, where one of our team members will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Once you’re signed up and have placed your initial order, it’s time to start building!

Getting Off the Ground

Even if you’re looking to become a team leader yourself, we’ll always have someone in your upline ready to help you excel. After all, even leaders need leaders! Your new leader(s) will be in contact with you soon, if they have not already done so.

When they do, our best advice is to share with them all the strengths and talents you believe you bring to the table, as well as, of course, all of your questions!

Keep in mind that there are no bad questions; the only questions we don’t like are the ones you won’t ask, so fire away!

From there, it’s all about maximizing you and your potential. Building a business with Young Living begins with a passion for the products, so finding your favorites and identifying how different oils produce a positive impact on your life are (excuse the pun) essential to attracting new members to your downline.

It’s important to have oils at your disposal that people want to sample. Young Living’s line of premium starter kits are just that: the perfect launchpad to introduce yourself and others to some of the most popular and multifaceted essential oils, including Peppermint, Lavender, Thieves, Copaiba, Frankincense, Stress Away, Lemon, and more.

(Those kits also all come with, among other things, a diffuser of your choice. The diffuser prices vary, but they’re all quality products.)

Once you have your oils and are familiar with the basics, continue to look to add to your collection the oils, blends, and other products that you find using in your home. A lot of knowledge is gained from your fellow builders, so ask questions and sample friends’ products at every opportunity!

Hosting and Boasting

Of course, one of the most beneficial building methods is hosting/co-hosting events. Those can and do vary wildly in look, location, cost, and focus. Most events are hosted in homes, and free to attend. The key is to get friends, guests, and oil skeptics in the door.

Offering giveaways or “make ‘n takes” are a great way to increase participation and attendance. Once they’re inside, introduce your guests to oils by allowing them sample as you share your experiences and explain their benefits. Light snacks are an added benefit for guests, but certainly not a requirement.

As for your target audiences, for those just getting started we recommend first approaching family and close friends. From there, branch out to the networks and groups in your life, such as at work, church, in hobby groups, etc. In person is often the best way to strike up those conversations, as they’re more natural, feel less forced, and face-to-face discussions often reap the most immediate results.

As you grow in experience, you’ll begin to find which methods, including social media platforms, work best for attracting people to your events and conversations. Soon enough you’ll be an expert at hosting and boasting about the benefits of Young Living, leading to new signups and building your downline.

Practice Makes Perfect, and There’s No ‘I’ in Team

If signups don’t come easily, don’t get discouraged; these things take time. Always remember, you’re never going at this alone.

That’s what Cypress & Spruce is all about, equipping you with handy and helpful resources, experienced leaders, and opportunities to connect and learn.

It’s also important not to overwork yourself. It’s often easier to share the hosting responsibilities with someone else on the team. Maybe one plays host and the other leads the learning, or provides snacks, etc. You figure out what works best for you and your colleagues.

And of course, the more classes you attend, host, and lead, the more confident and knowledgeable you’ll become on your way to greater success.