Why Young Living?

Here at Cypress & Spruce, we believe in the Young Living brand because of the time-tested, natural, and consistent quality of their products, the personal care they provide to every customer and distributor, and the company’s continued devotion to ensuring everything is held to the highest standards.

When we started years ago, we compared the various leading distributors and chose to sign up with Young Living based on a number of positive factors, all of which contribute to their impressive standards in every facet of the business.

The Young Living Quality Standard

Young Living’s product lines are rigorously tested for quality and potency. In fact, when a farm doesn’t produce to their standards (whether due to a rough season, low yield, etc.), those sub-standard products are never bottled, much less sold. The company would rather take a loss for a season than cuts corners for the sake of profit.

Additionally, for those interested in the company’s business opportunities, unlike the MLMs it is often lumped in with, Young Living never enforces any sales requirements on its distributors or upfront purchases, other than a basic membership of $45, and a once-annual order of $50 in order to keep one’s account active.

Young Living also operates with an open hand, providing deep insights everything from their farm partnerships and distilling methods to their business models and the home lives of their founders.

The company’s unique Seed to Seal® commitment’s three pillars—Sourcing, Science, Standards—ensures, in their own words, that, “the cultivation, wild-crafting, distillation, quality testing, and legal compliance of the essential oils and products produced by Young Living are done without compromise.” Here’s an insightful infographic with more information.

A testament to the brand’s front facing operations and brand accessibility, Young Living has developed an international and knowledgeable community devoted to continuing to learn, grow, and help one another maximize their experience and the many various uses for each product.

Additionally, Young Living has by far the largest product catalog among all essential oil distributors. This isn’t a rush to market, either; Young Living again rigorously tests and re-tests every product before word ever hits the market that a product may be released. For example it was years before the company released their first line of makeup, which now is among the most organic and safe cosmetic lines in the market today.

A Competitive Industry

Now, that’s not to say other distributors don’t also produce quality products. On the contrary, we believe there are those that do and essential oils is a highly competitive and growing market.

Largely, this is a good news, as it spurs continued innovation, increased oversight, and expanded product offerings, among other positive benefits. But it can also, in some cases, lead to some brands cutting corners, unsavory business practices, and negatively diluted products.

Whether you’ve used essential oils or not, there’s a good chance you’ve heard mention of more than one of the major EO distributors, and depending on who you ask you may receive a hundred varying opinions on which brand is “best.” Well, we don’t see it that way.

Some distributors don’t have sterling reputations, we don’t consider those among the “industry leaders.” But among the major brands, each company brings its own benefits, and we strongly believe it’s up to individual preference, and for us, Young Living was the choice.

Put simply, Young Living produces organic, single-source, farm-friendly, and socially-conscious products for people who desire a more healthful and natural lifestyle, in any walk of life.

Got more questions about essential oils? Check out our FAQ page