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Loyalty Matters. Just Not How You Think.


What does it look like for companies to be loyal in today’s consumer-driven market? Is there still corporate loyalty, or is it limited to us as consumers? If so, what do we gain by our loyalty?  I don’t know about you, but I often feel that we as consumers are “loyal” only to the extent of the next purchase: who offers the most savings, or the lowest price, or the biggest bundle, which often leaves little room for another key factor: the best quality.

If price and savings are the end-all-be-all of our purchasing habits, what room is left for quality, consistency, and, yes, loyalty? What would it take for a brand to regain our trust in quality over quantity? When would the bottom line stop simply being the bottom line?

Certainly, at times quality and quantity can be one and the same. And for many big ticket items, the difference (if any) between major brands is so miniscule that the “trusted” brand simply isn’t worth the added expense.

But this isn’t always the case, and at times quality should matter. One prime example, as I’m sure you knew well in advance I’ve been alluding to, is essential oils. Specifically, the quality of Young Living versus the competition.

No doubt there are hundreds of essential oils companies. And each one claims to sell quality “100%” natural oils, with many of the same names (peppermint, lavender, oregano, etc.), but for all their similarities the seemingly same product can come at wildly different price tags. So what gives?

Quality. And in this case, it’s true.

“But Shelley,” you might say, “this 30ml bottle of “100%” peppermint sells for $5, and this 5ml bottle sells for $15. Are you really suggesting I should pay three times as much for something one sixth of the size?”

In short, yes. Yes I am.

Look, I’ve had countless conversations about essential oils, and I’m familiar with all the common responses, especially when comparing Young Living to the competition. Some of the most common replies:

“But this one is so much cheaper! And it says it’s 100% natural.”

Yes, but natural can mean many things. How many and what are the ingredients, and how much of it is the pure oil extract? With Young Living, the answer is always the same: there’s only one ingredient, 100% pure essential oil.

“This one smells sweeter than Young Living.”

Often, this is true. But that’s because they’re diluted with chemicals or other oils to sweeten the profile, which hinders the natural beneficial properties of the oil.

“It doesn’t really matter.”

I couldn’t disagree more. What you diffuse in your home to be breathed in or put on your skin to be absorbed does matter. Greatly. The difference in quality, control, and consistency should be paramount to your buying habits, with anything that can directly impact your wellness.

That brings me back to the loyalty. The inspiration to write about this very topic came from a free bottle of Loyalty essential oil that Young Living occasionally sends as a thank you gift. This got me thinking, why am I loyal to Young Living?

Did you know that Young Living strongly believes in and operates by the Seed-to-Seal Promise? From planting to final product, Young Living directly oversees every step of the production process. Starting with the very best seeds, that are evaluated for their essential oil-producing potential, they plant at their own farms (which by the way you can visit), located all around the world.

Young Living is dedicated to working alongside local communities to build partnerships to ensure safer, environmentally friendly farming and harvest methods. To further ensure a consistent trusted quality for their oils, Young Living uses purely organic materials for pest control, and all of their weeds are manually pulled.

All of this quality control and product consistency leads to Young Living offering the largest selection of the truly pure single and blended oils products in the world, all of which are only sold to their customers and distributors, and never to third party sellers.  See, loyalty shouldn’t have to be on our end. A great company is loyal to its customers. It’s a rare trait that’s seemingly all the more rare these days, but something Young Living doesn’t take for granted.

Young Living has been around for over 25 years, and their standards have never changed. And I know that I can trust that they never will. That is the new standard of loyalty. Trusted, consistent, quality-ensured, and backed by the very best standards in the industry. That’s what sets Young Living apart and loyal to us, their consumers. For something as important as what we inhale or absorb into our bodies, nothing could be more important than loyalty to their customers.

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