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What a Mess!

What a mess! When we decided to “wash” the bus with a power washer in order to get off dirt and any loose debris, we didn’t know what a can of worms we were opening! First we purchased a low pressure power washer‎ with the intention of washing it in one evening, letting it dry the next day, and then painting it the following. Easy peasy! Except for the fact that almost right off the bat paint started flaking where the reflector strips were located. Noooo!!! The owner who had the bus prior to us had painted over them and we didn’t realize it. After spraying all evening, with more and more paint coming off by the second, we decided we might as well upgrade to the highest powered washer we could get our hands on. This way we could really get off any potential loose paint and speed up the process. Well, not sure if it sped up the process, but after a full day of power washing we decided, “good enough, is good enough” and called it a day. I’m thinking we should have stuck with the boys method 😉

Tomorrow we dive into the clean up and THEN a paint job. We know full well that it won’t be perfect, but we are excited to see the progress regardless!

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