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Why Getting Outdoors And Exploring Is Crucial For Our Family

We have seen it happen time after time. Josh and I are distracted with being “productive” while the boys are left with the perfect opportunity to easily overload on too much screen time. Honestly, not their fault, but before you know it we are all a cranky, whiny mess! Don’t get me wrong, our children (especially the two older boys) are a huge help. They have their chores + extra jobs and often help watch their younger siblings. We encourage (read insist) that they get outside and spend plenty of time playing in the backyard, etc. However, when we as their parents are not fully engaged, it sneaks up on all of us. And this is when everyones attitude starts to go south. This is when we know its time to go exploring! To make room for adventure and for being present with one another.

Here in Ohio there are so many picturesque hiking trails such as Mohican State Park, which is less than a half hour from our house. We are so spoiled! And This time of year the weather is too perfect not to take advantage of getting submerged in all the beauty!  A long day spent hiking and exploring puts the wind back in our sails. It’s the prefect antidote to sour moods and apathy!

That little four year old hiked all of 4 miles! Well, he might have ridden piggy back here and there, but still… Josh and I were both impressed!

Big Lion Falls was our reward half way through the hike! It’s no surprise that my i-phone pictures don’t capture its true grandeur. The boys all found it to be, “wow!”

Julian was cracking us up with his survival gear! He took every chance he could find to use his LifeStraw and to filter water for drinking purposes. Too cute!

By the end of the hike we were all just the right amount of tired + fully satisfied and content. For our family exploring isn’t just something we enjoy, it’s something we need…

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