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The Scoop On Young Living’s Dietary Enzymes And Why Everybody Needs Them

What is an Enzyme?

Lindsey Elmore over at The Farmacist gives us an excellent / in-depth breakdown on Young Living’s Enzyme Products and why they are so important!

“An enzyme is a substance produced by living organisms that act as a catalysts. Catalysts are important because they take starting materials and turn them into ending products. They don’t change. Importantly, this reaction would have happened without the enzyme. However, it happens a lot faster with the enzyme in place.”

So, why Young Living?  And What do they have to offer?

Listen (and try to keep up!) as Lindsey rips into these products and goes into extreme detail about each one and why our body’s need enzymes!

Young Living has 5 Dietary Enzyme Products…

Essentialzyme™Essentialzymes-4™Allerzyme™Detoxzyme®KidScents® MightyZyme

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Why are Enzymes important?
~ “They are responsible for EVERY chemical reaction in our body.”
~ “They allow our cells to build up and break down molecules quickly.”
~ “They drive Vitamins, Minerals & Hormones into different areas that help to serve the body.”

Why do we need Enzymes?
~ Diets {especially high processed foods} deplete our enzymes
~ Even raw foods can inhibit our enzyme functions depending on a number of factors from Exercise, Wellness, Environment, Ect.
~ Enzyme levels drop with age AND the excretion (how fast we get rid of the enzymes) increases with age.
~ Basically, as we age, we have less & less enzymes to work with

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