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What is FASTer Way to Fat Loss?


Hello! Today we are excited to share a post that is a little different than our norm. Because, although the main objective of Cypress and Spruce is primarily focused on educating and sharing our experiences and knowledge of essential oils, we are, more than anything, passionate about WHOLE health and wellness! Whole health includes mental, physical and emotional. It includes a diet rich in foods that build up and nourish the body! It includes being active and physically able to enjoy life to the fullest! It includes a healthy emotional relationship with food and fitness…

This past fall I fell in love with a lifestyle that fit beautifully with my passion and love for natural living and essential oils. I was looking to get more physically fit and I found so much more! Read on to hear all about the amazing lifestyle from my friend, Stephanie Simpson...

Hi Everyone!

I am honored to have been asked to write to you all about this journey that many of us strive after - living a healthy life. Here is a little bit of my background for some of you who have no idea who I am! My name is Stephanie Simpson (formerly Latham), I am a 30 year old wife and mother with a full-time job working for the Department of Defense. I grew up in Weatherford, Texas as one of those homeschooled kids with pretty big dreams. I moved to Ohio to attend/play basketball at Cedarville University where I then lived for the next 11 years. Woah. Now, I am thrilled to say my family calls Clearwater, Florida home (for now). I have appreciated many things of how I grew up, but have struggled with my health since I was about 16 years old. You might say when hormonal stuff started to happen! 🙂 Here’s a little bit about my story and my dream for others in the realm of health and wellness.

Let me start out by saying it is my belief that there is not a quick fix to one’s health and there are specific health issues that need in-depth care. I also believe that the majority of us all desire to feel GOOD! Heck, I didn’t even know what that actually looked like as an adult. I was rather active as a child with no major health issues which resulted in taking for granted my good health. Fast forward 15 years to being 30 years old, a former athlete (I say former because I was not feeling very athletic), having a baby, feeling zapped of energy, carrying some extra fat around, with a small glimmer of hope that there was something out there that could help me FEEL better! I knew what I did NOT want: a diet, a protein shake, some mood altering pharmaceutical that promised hormonal balance, deprivation of food (cookies in particular!!!), working out like crazy, or someone to tell me that I was just going to have to deal with a Mom-bod. The small glimmer of hope led to me denying my Doctor’s prescription for an antidepressant, but in reality knowing I needed to do something. I could not keep living a life of low energy, fluctuating moods, and a complete lack of motivation to run after my Father in Heaven who has SO MUCH for me to live for with a pep in my step!

What happened in June of 2018 for me is what I believe so many of us have been trying to figure out - whole health. Now, that sounds really really prideful to say I have “figured it out” right? Well, I did not, but I did start by listening to a great leader in the health and wellness field, Amanda Tress. The FASTer Way to Fat Loss® program was the beginning of having a little more hope in putting together the puzzle pieces to my whole health - physically, mentally, and spiritually.

I completed 2 Rounds, each round is 7 weeks, of the virtual FASTer Way to Fat Loss® Program at which point I felt God calling my name to share this program with others who have been experiencing similar issues. I decided to interview, study, and pass the certification to become a Certified FASTer Way to Fat Loss® Coach and started coaching my first group in September of 2018.

Before I begin explaining what this is all about, I want to ask you four questions:

  1. Do you want to feel good / have energy?
  2. Have you found anything that allows you to FEEL GOOD about your mental clarity or motivation?
  3. Do you struggle with what to do regarding your weight/ eating food/ or exercising?
  4. Do you have a dream of what your life should look like and are having a hard time accomplishing it due to some health issues - to include insecurities and mental health?

We are all searching, and I am so excited to be able to share what I have found to truly bring healing to my mind and body after so much turmoil and frustration.

What is FASTer Way to Fat Loss®?

The FASTer Way to Fat Loss® Program is the premier online health program created by Amanda Tress (who I went to college with in Ohio) and is approved by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). It teaches the nutritional strategies of Intermittent Fasting, Carb-cycling, and tracking Macronutrients in order to heal your body and burn fat. Does that sound really complicated? Don’t worry, that is what I am here to teach. In short, these strategies allow your body to decrease inflammation, rest, increase hormonal health, and burn fat - naturally. I am not selling you a shake or a recurring monthly shipment. I am teaching you strategies to implement for a lifetime. Some of this information could sound weird since we have all been taught very specific ways to be “fit” through the Health and Wellness industry, but I want to challenge your thinking as I explain what the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® Program could do for your health! Click here for more comprehensive information about each of these topics that can be found at my FASTer Way to Fat Loss® site.


Carb cycling with the FASTer Way is an alteration of carbohydrate intake to prevent fat loss plateaus and keep your metabolism working effectively. Basically, you cycle between low carb days and regular carb days to ensure that your body burns fat effectively without causing significant hormonal damage or dips in energy.

When carb-cycling is implemented (it’s not suggested to do this by yourself) one can see the following benefits:

  • Fat loss, as opposed to overall weight loss. Carb cycling clients see actual body composition changes.
  • Increased energy levels
  • Better sleep
  • Improved moods
  • A flexible lifestyle that is enjoyable
  • A nutritional strategy that isn’t too overwhelming or stressful. One that allows you to eat out and enjoy your lifestyle while continuing to see progress towards your goals.

Intermittent Fasting

Within the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® we implement daily fasting periods. Daily periods of fasting changes your body at a cellular level. In addition, it helps to regulate hormones like insulin and HGH to make the fat stores in your body more accessible energy sources. The time given to your cells to repair during fasted periods, allows cells to remove waste and function optimally. Intermittent fasting allows time for the body to utilize fat as its main source of energy, which means you not only lose weight overall, but will see an improvement in your overall body composition. Intermittent fasting allows you to maintain muscle mass which speeds up your metabolic rate, while helping you shed fed.

Tracking Macronutrients

Traditional diets that have you focus on a significantly restricted caloric intake often do not account for the quality of the calories you consume. This leads to lots of “skinny-fat” people who may not look terribly unhealthy, but who are lacking the nutrients their bodies need. This is why all of my clients focus on feeding their bodies with the right macronutrient amounts to fuel their workouts and their days. A simple calorie goal can help you lose weight, but will not necessarily help you lose fat, nor does it necessarily contribute to better overall health.

We are all different and we all have different health journeys, what does yours look like?

My hope as you read this post is not to create a debate between programs, but rather share the hope I found in gaining a better outlook about myself, my health, and the journey that God has each one of us walking through. We are all at different points and I’m slowly putting down my “Stephanie knows best” outlook in every aspect of my life. If you follow me on social media you will see a lot about what I am learning and most of it has to do with allowing God to change my perspective about my body, my security, my marriage, and being a mother. That includes rolling my eyes when my Mom hands me an oil to help with something that I was complaining about 🙂 You’ll be interested to know that I have only begun to detoxify my household in the last year which does include the increased use of essential oil products! I want to challenge you to write out a well-life vision for you this year, then ask what needs to happen in order for that to become a reality! My Well-LIfe vision is to be an energetic, confident, wife and mother. I chose to complete this program because I wanted to create a home built in the security and confidence of who God created us to be. If we are not attempting to be healthy in the mental, physical, and spiritual realms, are we allowing God to move in our life?

If you are ready to make a change, you can join the next round with me starting February 11th by clicking the link below!

Have a blessed New Year,


FASTer Way to Fat Loss® Certified Coach

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